Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preparing for the big "W"

I have gotten some sewing done since I last posted but I have also been busy finishing up the firewood for Winter.

Had to saw up the long pieces to the right then split and stack.
 All finished, the pile that is not stacked is already in my basement, the stacked wood will be the last to come inside as it is the most seasoned.

 Spent one of the warm days last week in my sewing room since it was too hot to work outside!
These are the first five blocks of the Marcus Brothers Sew Along.
 Tonight my husband and I decided to make the first fire in our new wood stove, I really didn't want to wait until it was really needed, I prefer to be prepared when possible! 
Still have the other half of my wood to bring inside, cut and split some kindling and help my mom split the rest of her wood hoping to have that done by next week!  Leaves and a few other must do things on the list before I will be ready for colder weather, but the most important thing on the list is to take time and enjoy my favorite season of the year!! 


  1. I can't believe fall is here already. I have no idea where summer went! I love your new woodstove! :0)

  2. Hi Denise...just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your kind comment...We had our first wood fire last evening, I tried to hold out till October 1st but did not make it...The weather was beautiful today, a good day to attend the Common Ground Fair...Hope you are well, greetings, Julie


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