Friday, August 15, 2014

New Furniture

My local quilt shoppe Kathie's is doing some renovations and was selling a few pieces of furniture, I decided to purchase one of the counters to serve as my cutting station.  It took a few hours of moving things around in my 9 x 10 sewing room but I think I like the way it looks.  After I spend a few days sewing I will probably tweek it a little bit but for the most part everything is cozy feeling. 

Not sure if I am going to keep the rocking chair, depends how many times I stub my toe.  I like having a place to sit and stitch when I don't want to watch the same tv show hubby is watching.
The shelves on the backside of the cutting station are perfect for my project totes, they are now very visible and easy to reach.........wonder if they will get finished sooner, LOL!
Terry here is a photo I told you I would post of my stash closet..........
 ........and more spilling out onto a cute little hutch I found at a yard sale a few years ago.  Room for more on these shelves, LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my tour.  


  1. I love your new cutting table! And how great that it has those shelves on the other side! I like your stash closet too...I think my stash is a bit lacking! LOL

  2. wow, a terrific cutting counter...and i love your header idyllic! like you my closet runneth over....LOL

  3. I too have a tiny sewing room. I just wish I could keep it tidy.


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