Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Brother...................

Several days after my dad's funeral I received a letter in the mail, it was in a business size envelope addressed to me, I set it aside thinking it was a newsletter or something as the return address was a business, when I sat down later and opened it I was pleased to learn that I now have a new Brother................a new Brother Innov-is 40, that is!!!!

Thank you to Mariner's Compass Quilt Shop in Bath, ME for donating this wonderful prize and all the other wonderful shops that donated prizes and participated in the 2013 Maine Quilt Shop Hop.
Here's a photo of the new addition to my family of sewing machines.......................

Today while I was in the neighborhood of a Jo-Ann's I decided to see if they had any "garages" to store my new Brother as this will now be my travel/class machine, I was fortunate to find a 40% coupon and carrier that I liked...........
 Tucked away safely...................
So glad that I visited those last two quilt shops, they put me in the next category of prizes!! 

We are expecting a few days of rain so I am hoping I will get my sewing MOJO back so I can share a few sewing projects.


  1. What good luck! You will enjoy your travel machine. Love the carrier too! I like the Brother machines alot. Congratulations Denise!

  2. Wish I had a brother like that! LOL Congratulations! :0)

  3. denise, couldn't happen to a more deserving person...anybody who does THAT many shops in the maine hop should get one just for endurance! congrats to you and on the new carrier too....well deserved indeed!


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