Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Springtime happenings...............

Spring has finally arrived in Maine........I have officially started getting my wood ready for fall, this year my goal is to have it in before September so I can enjoy one of my favorite seasons Fall!  I will try to keep you posted on my progress. 

Somebody was waiting to go for a ride!

Not much sewing going on, been a little lazy in that department.  My husband and I have been "Shop Hopping", we have been out on three different days.  What a great opportunity to travel around this beautiful state and visit shops new to me and revisit some of my favorites.  One of those favorites is  Busy Thimble, it is a paradise for reproduction lovers like me, here is the yummy bundle that  followed me home from there.
Here are a few other goodies I picked up along the way...........

The rhubarb is starting to poke through the straw, seedlings are starting to sprout, various perennials are also making their presence known in their gardens.  I am hoping that I will have success with starting some of my own plants, so far I have started my own cabbage, green peppers, cosmos, zinnias. 

Off to get ready for the next shop hop day and a few other tasks!


  1. Thankfully our firewood for next winter is stacked already. Although I'm sure we'll get a bit more this summer. Love your fabric! :0)

  2. You are smart to already be planning for next fall!

    I love your reproduction fabric. I have just recently become interested in that kind of fabric.

  3. hey denise! welcome back! so you made it to busy thimble, eh? if you had any $$ left at all you did great. that is a mega-tempting place for sure! and wow, be-bop a re-bop rhubarb pie!


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